Sunday, November 19, 2006

La Spinetta 203 'Ca' di Pian' $16

The challenge was daunting. We needed a wine to go with grilled scallops and shrimp served on a bed of thick mussel soup with white beans and set off by a jalapeno scone. The surprising answer was this remarkable Barbera from La Spinetta. It has all the customary intense fruit of a good, ripe Barbera with enough acidity to give it perfect balance and make it an excellent accompaniment for this dish. The bouquet is slightly floral with very dark fruit and the tang of alcohol. The finish was long and developed hints of vanilla and smoke. I have yet to have anything but great wine from La Spinetta, and this bottling keeps that tradition alive. Extraordinary sophistication from a usually bumptious grape at a bargain price.

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Carmen said...

I agree La Spinetta wine is always great.